Project Dissemination and Networking

The LIFE URBANGREEN project returned on the international stage in March. The European Forest Institute and the European Forum on Urban Forestry selected the project as one of the showcases presented at the Urban Forestry Days. Due to the pandemic, the event took place online and we have prepared a three-minute short film. In it, we show how cities can better prepare for climate change using our platform. Watch our video at this link:

Moreover, the staff of the LIFE URBANGREEN project exchanged ideas with colleagues from the Verdevale project, also funded by the EU. Both projects use Treetalker sensors on trees. The data are still partial, but useful for developing hypotheses: for example, in the peak summer heat, the temperature sensor in the treetalker measured an air temperature of around 30 degrees under most trees. Under one particular tree located in Lugano, however, the air was on average five degrees warmer. Checks by the city gardener’s office showed that this tree had a problematic crown growth. This shows how important it is to take care of trees in our cities: healthy trees are more effective in reducing the temperature in summer, fixing carbon from the air and reducing pollutants. Treetalker sensors measure also the light passing through the canopy and the sap flow and help us to extend the algorithms on ecosystem services to additional species and climatic zones.

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