Project Partners

Software company specialized in spatially enabled management solutions. R3 GIS is the coordinating partner of the project: its flagship product, R3 TREES, is the base technology of the future URBANGREEN platform. R3 GIS is based in South Tyrol, Italy.

on the right the written university of milano and symbol on the left

The Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of the University of Milano (Italy) is the scientific partner of the project: UniMI provides the knowledge base to maximize ecosystem services provided by trees and calculate their value.

progea written

ProGea 4D is a technological partner of the project, with a consolidated experience in the field of remote sensing. ProGea 4D implements project actions related to the processing of satellite and LiDAR data to obtain information on state and health of green areas. ProGea 4D is based in Kraków (Poland).

anthea written

Multi service, in-house company of the municipality of Rimini (Italy), Anthea is in charge of the maintenance of urban green areas of the city: Anthea provides its experience in green area management and will test the URBANGREEN platform implementing new management practices in Rimini.

krakow written

Kraków Municipal Greenspace Authority (Poland), ZZM takes care of most of the urban parks and garden of the city. ZZM will provide its experience in green area management and test the URBANGREEN platform implementing new management practices in Kraków.

External Partners


The Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research is a multidisciplinary research centre at the National Central University (Taiwan). The CSRSR gathers many expertise in the field of remote sensing (e.g. geoinformatics, meteorological satellite, hydrology remote sensing) with the general purpose of analysing environmental phenomena. Given the relevance of the topics covered by the LIFE URBANGREE project, the CSRSR  decided to replicate some of the project activities in Taiwan at its own costs (see the “Pilot areas” page).

World Urban Parks

World Urban Parks is the international representative body for the urban parks, open space and recreation sector. We are a forum for the exchange of ideas on common environmental, social and economic challenges where urban parks, social space and recreation are part of the solution. Together we want to build healthy, liveable and sustainable communities. World Urban Parks is based in Edmonton (Canada).


UBIMET is the globally leading provider of meteorological forecast systems, information and tailor-made services with headquarters in Vienna (Austria). The precise meteorological information provided by UBIMET enables companies to work faster, in a more efficient and cost-conscious manner, and more successfully in their sector than the competition.