Actions and progress


Project actions will integrate the basic management tool with innovative components: new functions developed will be tested in selected pilot areas in Rimini and Kraków . To this purpose:

  • Pilot areas, where new maintenance practices will be tested, will be defined and characterized within the cities of Rimini and Kraków. These areas will contain a significant number of plants belonging to the 10 most common species in the two cities (action A.1)
  • A smart irrigation component will be developed, aimed to identify critical thresholds of irrigation, based on climatic models and tree species water requirements. Thanks to this component, water will be delivered when and where actually needed (action C.1)
  • A component, aimed to program jobs and control activities more efficiently, will be developed, allowing to optimize the sequence of works on green areas, and so the routing of vehicles, in order to reduce the carbon footprint of maintenance  activities (action C.2)
  • Ecosystem services provided by urban trees (e.g. CO2 assimilation and pollutants absorption) will be calculated for each tree basing on its specie, age and site of growth. This will allow to know benefits (not only the costs) related to urban green areas (action C.3)
  • Sensor data, remote sensing data and meteorological forecasts will be integrated in the management platform to improve the monitoring of green areas, enabling the early detection of tree diseases and the alert on severe meteorological event (action C.4)
  • Public participation will be enabled through a dedicated web portal and app targeted to citizens: urban dwellers will have the possibility to better know characteristics and ecosystem services provided by green areas and suggest actions to improve greenery management (action C.5)
  • Developed components will be tested on selected areas: pilot plot, managed according to the URBANGREEN approach, will be coupled with control plot, where traditional practices will be carried out. This comparison will allow to highlight the differences between innovative and traditional maintenance practices (action C.6)

Project Status

Jul '18 - Dec '18

Jan '19 - Jun '19

Jul '19 - Dec '19

Jan '20 - Jun '20

Jul '20 - Dec '20

Jan '21 - Jun '21

Action A.1 Pilot areas characterization
Started Jul '18 - finish Sep '19 - 50%
Action C.1 Smart irrigation system
Started Jul '18 - finish Dec '19 - 40%
Action C.2 Efficient programming of Jobs and control activities
Started Jan '19 - finish Dec '19 - 10%
Action C.3 Integration of ecosystem services
Started Jul '18 - finish Dec '19 - 40%
Action C.4 Integration of monitoring through IoT, meteo and remote sensing data
Started Jul '18 - finish Jun '21 - 20%
Action C.5 URBANGREN portal and app
Started Jan '19 - finish Jun '20 - 10%
Action C.6 Testing and demonstration of LIFE URBANGREEN in the pilot areas
Starting in Oct '19 - finish Jun '21 - 0%

Project Results

Completed Deliverables

  • Final definition and characterization of pilot areas

  • Report with algorithm for water requirement

  • TOR for Smart Irrigation System

Milestones reached

  • Kick-off meeting

  • Website is operating