Layman’s Report of LIFE URBANGREEN project

Check the Layman’s Report of LIFE URBANGREEN project that has been recently released on our website!

The Report summarises the work that has been conducted in the past three years, for the duration of the entire project. This includes comprehensive information about the efficient management of green areas based on a detailed census, which keeps track of green public areas in the cities of Rimini (IT) and Krakow (PL).

Through the GreenSpaces platform, which was designed and developed by R3GIS on the basis of the data collected by the University of Milan and ProGea 4D, the maintenance activities are improved. In fact, the platform is a tool that helps increasing efficiency during on-site interventions and in monitoring benefits that the green provides to citizens. Timely interventions and best practices give support to municipal strategies to counteract the effects of climate change.

The content of LIFE UrbanGreen Report is highly topical and sheds light on current environmental issues faced by modern cities as well as directions for further improvements to be taken into account by forward-looking political strategies.

Electronic Layman’s report can be downloaded in English, in Italian, in Polish and in German

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