Project objectives

The main objective of LIFE URBANGREEN is to optimize and demonstrate, in real-life, an innovative technological platform to monitor ecosystem services of urban green areas and to improve their management.

During the project the existing management platform R3 TREES will be integrated with 5 innovative management components, aimed at:

  • reducing water consumption, providing water only when and where needed
  • reducing the carbon footprint of maintenance activities through a more efficient job planning
  • quantifying ecosystem services provided by green areas
  • monitoring health conditions of trees using remote sensing data
  • increasing citizen participation in urban green management

The main expected result is a smart and integrated management system, which monitors and governs all activities related to urban green areas management, maximizing ecological benefits.

The integrated platform will be implemented and tested in Rimini (Italy) and Kraków (Poland), which have been chosen as reference cities for warm temperate and continental climate. Also, the city of Taipei decided to participate to LIFE URBANGREEN and will replicate project activities in a pilot site in Taiwan at its own cost.

Pilot areas

The innovative URBANGREEN platform will be tested in different climate zones, ensuring a good transferability of project actions in countries having similar environmental and climatic conditions.

Expected Impacts


Reduction of GHG gas emissions

reducing vehicles movements thanks to a more efficient routing of maintenance teams.

Reduction of air pollution

thanks to healthy trees with bigger leaves, sequestrating more pollutants


Increased carbon sequestration

by urban trees managed with innovative practice compared to trees poorly maintained


Air temperature

in areas managed with innovative practices compared to areas managed in a traditional way

The LIFE URBANGREEN platform will increase resource and water management efficiency, and lower the related costs. Only the right type and amount of maintenance and water, and at the right timing, will be delivered to the plants, trees and grass.