Visit from Taiwan

BOLZANO (ITALY) | 2-3 MAY 2019

At the beginning of May prof. Yuei-An Liou and his assistant Kim Anh Nguyen from Taiwan visited R3 GIS in Bolzano.

During the visit R3 GIS provided an overview on project activities carried out so far and prof. Yuei-An presented the details of the project which will replicate some of LIFE URBANGREEN project activities: the project was submitted for funding to the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan and is currently under examination.

During the visit also a demonstration of tree survey using TLS was carried out by the company Cartorender, which scanned a Platanus tree in the NOI TechPark in Bolzano. The tree is the same on which a TreeTalker sensor has been installed for testing purposes by the Team of prof. Valentini.

Here some pictures of the activities carried out.

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