Webinar on Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM) for urban green management in Italy


The introduction of Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM) for public green management services and the supply of green care products (approved with a Decree by the Italian Ministry of Environment on March 2020) mark a significant change in the management of public greenery.

Urban green is no longer seen only as a property to be managed using low environmental impact systems, but becomes the object of an integrated approach in which design, management and maintenance contribute to enhance the ecosystem services offered by green areas to urban settlements and, at the same time, allow a wise use of economic and environmental resources of municipalities.

In June 30th 2020 a webinar was organised by ANCI (the National Association of Italian Municipalities) to present the contents introduced by the Ministerial Decree. Among other interventions, Paolo Viskanic discussed the topic related to technical specification for the inventory of green areas, included as official reference in the Ministerial Decree: such technical specifications were recently revised and updated within the framework of the INTERREG project VerdeVale. Thanks to the LIFE URBANGREEN project they were adopted in the two pilot cities of Rimini and Krakow and they are currently being translated in English.

At this link you can find the updated version of the technical specifications for the inventory of green areas in Italian.

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